Pictorial Dialogue

Maio 23, 2009




Lieuwe Op’t Land Never in history of art had a painter taken the initiative to put two historical and charismatic painters together on one canvas, to provoke a virtual artistic dialogue between them.

Not just a dialogue with words in a conversation, as the etymology says, but with painted images.

The well-known Portuguese painter Gulnar Sacoor did, inviting Pieter Mondrian and Mark Rothko on her canvases.

The confrontation is indeed very fruitful and significant because of the evident correspondences and antagonisms. Both make regular orthogonal compositions, but in the realisation they quite differ: The first is neat, with geometrical decision, while the second presents cloudy and flushing vagueness.

To put these effects in a confrontation, illustrate and deepens the meaning of each other. Moreover, to put these two personalities on one canvas, show inevitable their reciprocal approach in matter of emotions, performances, perception and lifestyle, and this is just the hidden aim of the painter Gulnar, which merits our full attention for the present works and the future production, that can be prosperous because of the great possibility of development and the innumerable ways of interpretation.

With great respect and good wishes, Lieuwe Op’t Land


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